Volunteer Information

In becoming an active volunteer at École Elbow Valley you help enhance the educational services we provide to our students.  When you volunteer in our school everyone benefits; teachers, parents and particularly the students.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in volunteering at École Elbow Valley School.  It is our hope that you will find your experience as a volunteer personally satisfying.

Some of the benefits of volunteering in the school are:

For Students…

•    Increasing the adult/student ratio in the classroom
•    Improving teacher and student contact by freeing teachers from non-instructional tasks
•    Expanding the variety of classroom activities by providing extra help for the teacher
•    Enhancing student achievement and well-being by involving parents.

For Teachers…

•    Enabling teachers to spend more time on professional tasks (assessing, programming, instructing, and evaluating)
•    Expanding the variety of classroom activities when they have extra help
•    Increasing parent and community understanding of the teaching and learning processes
•    Creating additional resources for classroom use

Volunteer Handbook

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