Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are a key part of our communication strategy regarding your child’s progress.  Please plan on booking and attending a parent-teacher conference with the applicable teacher(s) for your child.

To book conferences, we  are using a web-based scheduling application  - the Elbow Valley School Conference Manager.  This application makes checking teachers’ schedules and booking appointments on-line quick and easy.  If you would like a tutorial to take you through this process, please go to

The first time you use this  version of the web-based application you will be required to register for an account, which only takes a minute or two. Please note that although parents can register at any time, the booking of conferences will begin after 11:30 pm on Saturday November 17, 2012.  To avoid having your email program flag the automated emails sent by the system, put “”  in your email address book.

Steps to registering and booking conferences:

1. Enter the following Internet Address in your browser:

When you first log into the system it will check to confirm that your internet browser meets the following requirements:

  • Internet Explorer version 7+ or Firefox 3+ or Safari 4+

If you are using an older version of an Internet browser you should receive an alert when you access the system.  Included in this alert is s link to the free download required to update your browser.

2. Register for a parent account. To register click the REGISTER NOW button and complete the registration page.  Once registered you will be able to log in to the Conference Manager right away.  An email will also be sent to the address you specified that restates your user name and password.  This is a good email to retain as you will be able to use this when booking in future rounds of Parent-Teacher Conferences.

3. Log in to the Elbow Valley School Conference Manager any time using the Internet address above. Please note that the actual scheduling of conferences cannot be completed until on or after at or after 11:30 pm on Saturday, November17, 2012.

4.  Select the date, teacher(s) and times you want to book an appointment. If you want to book appointments with more than one teacher you will want to select all the desired teachers from the teacher list so that you can best coordinate your schedule. One time slot is available for each student. A confirmation email is sent for each booking you made or, subsequently, canceled.  You will also receive a full conference itinerary sent early in the morning the day of your first scheduled conference.

5.  Confirm your appointments have been booked by clicking on the MY CONFERENCES tab. Only appointments that appear on the MY CONFERENCES page are confirmed bookings.

6. When finished booking, click the log off button located at the top right of the browser window.  You will have the opportunity to provide feedback through a user survey before completely exiting.  We appreciate you completing the survey as this helps guide our decision-making regarding how conferences are booked in the future.

We greatly appreciate parents booking their own appointments.  If you are unable to book your own appointment, please call the school during regular office hours and we are happy to assist you.

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