Student Absences

Regular school attendance is essential to your child’s academic success.

If your child is going to be late or absent, please notify the school by calling our main line at 403.242.1117 and press (2) for the attendance line.

As a matter of safety, our automated phone system will attempt to contact the parents of those students who have an unexplained absence. If you are calling to change your pick up arrangements for your child, please make sure you speak to the office staff and not leave a message on the general mailbox.

Please attempt to arrange medical and other appointments for your child outside of regular class time so that your child’s education is not impacted.

Should parents chose to schedule holidays during class time, please understand that teachers are not obligated and may not be able to send work with the child that he or she will be missing. As the material, concepts and skills covered in class are often prerequisites to future studies, missing work may result in learning problems for the student.

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