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The learning commons is a communal space where students and staff are able to access and explore resources and discover learning in a variety of forms.

Oh no! My Child Lost a Book!

If you believe your child has lost or misplaced a book and are wondering how to go about dealing with this there are two easy sollutions!

Pay for the book: Paying the price of the book will allow the library staff to buy a replacement copy or something new and more interesting.

Buy a replacement: Buying the same book and bringing the book to the library staff allows for a quick replacement.

How do I pay for a replacement?

Easy! The same way you pay for fees (on school cash)  is how you pay for missing books but please be sure to send Library staff an email letting them know what book and the childs name and your receipt. Thank you.


Five Finger Rule

It's important to make sure you find the right book for you and your level. Open the book you found to any page and start reading that page, hold up a finger for each word you don't know and use this helpful guide to figure out if that book is a good fit for you.


Volunteering in the Learning Commons

If you're interested in volunteering at Elbow Valley Elementary learning commons please follow this link, it's as easy as just signing up. If you have never volunteered before don't worry as we do take the time to teach every volunteer and understand that it takes time to get used to the tasks.


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