Froggy & Friends

School is a very busy time for our children who are learning many new skills. They may be learning to read, write, or problem solve. They are all vital skills for children to learn.


Another area of learning that requires specific skills is social emotional learning. These important skills are often overlooked and viewed as innate. However, this is the realm where children learn how to understand and manage their feelings, how to make friends and be a friend, and how to solve social problems. This learning takes place throughout the day - in the classroom, on the playground, at home and through community organizations. Children learn by watching and listening to how family members, teachers, and friends interact with one another.


Once a week in all grade one classes,  Mrs. Zadorozny will be teaching a program called Froggy & Friends to help think about, develop and practice positive social skills. This social skills program will focus on self-esteem, good manners, safety at school, listening, friends, boasting/bragging, lying, bullying, doing your best, name calling, prejudice, and tattling. These skills will be introduced and reinforced through stories, discussions, role plays, art activities and workbooks.


If you have any questions you can call me or e-mail me.


Mrs. Zadorozny

Child Development Advisor

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