What are Friendly Helpers?

The Friendly Helpers are grade 4 students who have been involved in a 6 week training program focusing on caring, communication skills, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, peer mediation and positive play. This group encourages positive peer interactions with a strong focus on teaching all our students how to deal with conflict creatively and constructively and to care about each other. The Friendly Helpers have also been taught recess games they in turn can teach and play with different grade levels throughout the year. This program is designed to promote a caring environment for all our students. The Friendly Helpers provide assistance to other students to help them solve conflicts, help them if they are hurt, or provide activities for them to participate in at recess. They have also been trained to look out for students who are not actively involved with peers at recess and try to help them engage with their peers.


Training starts in September and finishes at the end of October. I look forward to working with the Friendly Helpers and would like to thank the grade 4 parents and teachers for their support of this valuable program.

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