Taking Risks

Stepping outside our comfort zones!

Throughout the school year - we, as educators, ask our students to step outside of their comfort zones on a daily basis. We ask them to take risks and try new things, to engage in challenging tasks and persevere... This was demonstrated by our many of our students throughout the month of September. It takes great courage to overcome one's fears and try new things.

Two of our grade 4 students stepped outside their comfort zones...after choosing to opt out of the first inline skating lesson with her class, one of our grade 4 students decided to give it a try!! Despite her fear of getting hurt and not being good at in-line skating, she went out and gave it her all! Her classmates were also very supportive! Another grade 4 student, came down and read a book with the principal. Despite being extremely nervous and wanting to back out. He persevered and read with amazing fluency! Way to go EV Leaders!!

When is the last time you stepped our of your comfort zone and tried something new? Did you achieve what you had set out to accomplish? If not, how do we build resiliency and take these opportunities as good learning?

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