Message to Our Students

Message to our Students


As you take your first step into formal schooling, may you never lose that sense of wonder and the asking of “why?” You are now a part of a group, and are meeting new friends that you will play and work and learn with for many years to come. Welcome! We promise to make your first year exciting and engaging and successful.

Grade One:

You’re here for the whole day! You’ve gained some independence. You can follow routines, take responsibility, and you are reading. Good for you! You have good buddies that you love to run outside and play with at recess. You have stories to tell and adventures to write about. We are delighted that we can now spend all day with you and we will do all that we can to foster your love of learning.

Grade Two:

Your world is expanding. You are a keen scientist, an author, a reading buddy, a good stick handler, and a great friend. You can add up double digit number, tell time, and make change. Dinosaurs are fascinating and you’re losing your front teeth. You’re in the middle. You look out for our younger students and seek guidance from the older ones. You have lots of creative ideas and we will do our very best to keep you engaged and motivated and to keep school fun.

Grade Three:

Your world is changing. There is a jump in your thinking as you move from concrete to abstract. You’re beginning to ask “what if?” You learn about other countries and compare them to yours. You delve deep into the earth and reach out to the sky. You now know why so many bridges have arches, how to multiply and cursive write. You are also a master at power points and love doing iMovies. You make us responsible for our earth and are the green stewards for our school. We depend on you to do the tough job of recycling, and you do it so well. We will continue to admire you, guide you, and listen to your voices.

Grade Four:

You are our leaders. You’re big and loud and sometimes shy and quiet. You put on a brave persona, yet still a young child at heart. You are testing the waters. You have grown into your part as the role model for our younger students. You strive for the independence, the respect, the confidence and the competence that is your due. It will come. You are our watchmen. You are a problem solver and guitar picker. You can teach us much about the future and technology, there is no fear. Long division is tackled and mastered, magnificent building projects rise from discarded cardboard. You learn of your roots, of your province, and you sleep with the dinosaurs. We will hone your skills and ready you to step up and on from here. We wish you a life of happiness and dreams come true, and hope that we have done our part to prepare you for a life well lived.

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