Mrs Korody

Music Monday Materials
Students will need to get a parent to record them singing, 'The Best We Can Be' song with actions from the MusicFest songs that we have learnt. They can review the movements using the video. When they feel that they are ready to record their performance, get them to put the headphones in and sing to the guide video adding the clap marker after the count of 4 and copy the actions. The video that you record will only contain sound from their voice, not the sound from the track they are listening to. You will need headphones, a recording device (smartphone?) and a second device to play the guide video. Some tips: - Find a quiet room. The less noise, the better I can hear your child. - Make sure their face is well lit. Avoid having a window or bright light behind them. - If possible, set the camera to horizontal. Stay within 1.5′-2.5′ of your camera/phone/computer. - When they are ready to record, put in the headphones (so only they can hear the music!). - Start filming, play the appropriate video (the guide, the actual count in starts at 16 seconds), and they can sing along. - Remember to ask them to smile! - Try to position the camera near the screen if they are looking so it looks like they are looking at the camera, or if they have memorized the actions ask them to look at the camera. I cannot wait to see the videos and get working on putting them all together. Please feel free to contact me with questions: Thanks! Edit: The YouTube link is not working. Here is the address:
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